Writing into the Day: #10

We’ve been together for two weeks … two weeks! And now, we’re at the end. So what are you most excited about? What tool or concept or idea or project are you most energized about taking to your school next year and trying out?

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9 thoughts on “Writing into the Day: #10

  1. I miss you already!!!!!!!LOL JK…Good morning 🙂 I am very excited about my weebly page and glogster. I ended up creating a cool glogster page for my husband as an anniversary gift and am going to have it framed. Do you know what an accomplishment that is for me? I can’t thank you enough for giving me the courage to step out of my comfort zone and into another one, I hope. Have a great day!

    • Happy Anniversary, Cat! I enjoyed your sharing and loved hearing about your life and your teaching experiences at South Greenville. I know you will be growing digitally stronger the more you keep at…Jane

    • I think this is awesome, Kat and we miss you much this morning … I hope you and your husband have a great anniversary!

    • We miss you, too! Jane has us using Doodle Apps on the iPad, doing pattern hunts, snapping pictures, and remixing letters, iconic art images, and patterns. Super fun! Since it’s Friday, I imagine you, your wonderful hubby, and your iPad having a big ol’ cuddle puddle, and I’m thinking Digital Is…being in multiple places, multiple spaces, sharing, connecting, being with…

  2. I really like the voicethread and the blogs. I really would like to incorporate both of these in my English IV class this semester. There were so many useful tools!!! I am excited to get the English teachers on board with using the blogs and voicethread. Paper.li is also something in which we can attempt to incorporate as an informal assessment of a novel, etc. I have truly enjoyed this professional development and met some great people!

  3. I am most excited about all the different tools we used and things that I have accomplished and learned that I knew nothing about. Also, the amazing educators that I worked with these two weeks. Thanks Will and Steph for everything you have taught me and to my fellow educators. Thanks!! The tool or concept or idea I will take back to use at my school next school year is Prezi once I master it. The others are voice thread, glogster and weebly. I think my 3rd grade team and I can come up with some good ideas to help our students with learning and embracing technology.

  4. I have grown enormously by being here and am grateful for the sharing of your talents and wisdom, thanks to all of you. Just knowing how to use all of these tools has empowered me to keep trying and in spite of my lack of digital experience, I have learned how to use every one of the tools presented. Now it,s up to me to keep working through my mistakes and to keep learning. I like using the videos I discovered and plan to find a way to incorporate them into my 2012 classroom. I think WordPress and I should become acquainted so that I can curate more effectively. I don,t understand theTAGS or how to use them to my advantage…I am feeling much appreciation for having shared this space with each of you!

  5. First of all, I hope that we do not lose touch and that we continue to share ways to use technology as a significant part of our learning tool belt. I am excited about finding ways to use many of the new tools to help my students improve their writing skills. I feel that many of them are excellent scaffolding tools and as I get more proficient I could move them into a primary teaching platform. I really appreciate the camaraderie and the collaboration with all of the participants. Right off hand, I know I plan to incorporate a class webpage, Xtranormal, Glogster, VoiceThread and Prezi into my teaching plans. I really valued the CRAP lesson on developing a visual argument because it gave me a way and the terms to assess my work and the work of my students I want to encourage my fellow participants to stay or become fierce about finding the right technology to use with their students. Thank you Will and Stephanie for letting me be a part of this institute.

  6. I am very excited about the resources I learned during this digital institute. I am ready to use digital tools in my class, and hopefully, share with my coworkers. I feel in love with Voicethread, re-visited Twitter, and Weebly.com.

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