Exhibit Response: Jane

Now that you’ve had the experience of working through Sherry & Celestine’s Exhibit, write a comment to this post which addresses the following three sentence stems:

  • As we worked on this project, I really liked/enjoyed/was engaged by . . .
  • I’m wondering/confused about/struggled with . . .
  • I think I can modify this exhibit/technology to work in my own teaching this way:
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6 thoughts on “Exhibit Response: Jane

  1. Jane, I really liked your videos. I really did learn a lot about shapes, value, form and color. The presentation was very user friendly and I definitely see how it can be used with your students. For my high school babies, I think they may want to use another version of this that is a little more on their level (as far as graphics), but I do think it can be adapted for anyone. You did an excellent job curating the lesson and I have a new appreciation for constrast and all the other elements of art! You are a natural at what you do and I think your students are going to love the new activities you are planning to do with them this fall. Thanks Jane!!!

  2. Good job, Jane! This was my first time using Art Doodle on the Ipad. It was a very fun tool that I think the students would enjoy. Nice pictures you captured and the videos were very helpful by taking us through the process of how to collect the pictures and then using them to create a piece of art.

  3. I loved playing with these apps, Jane, and I think these free apps will be great at school. I’m sad the SouthG group missed it — be sure to share these apps with them because elementary kids will go crazy over these fun drawing tools.

    I also appreciated how you tried to bring in both video and word content for your students; this allows for a sort of differentiated instruction based on various modalities.

    I’m excited about the possibilities of using drawing tools in my classes, but I’m still not certain how I’d use them. I could see using some of the videos, as well, to compliment discussions of the CRAP principles.

  4. I love your “teacherly” energy! Your great attitude, even when things don’t work perfectly, will was contagious. I really had fun with your exhibit. I felt like a school kid again… open to discovery and free of fear from failure. That has a lot to do with how you involved the class. By asking for volunteers, you created an atmosphere of collaboration with learning and manipulating the technology that helped the participants feel more competent and empowered. I hope you always incorporate that into your “real” classes. Thank you Jane. I am so glad you was the last exhibit because you definitely left us on a high note.

  5. Jane, I really liked the doodling programs, especially for my pre-schoolers, and I like the ways you had us remixing patterns and iconic art images into something new. The scavenger hunt for usable materials is a great way to help students scan their environments for inspiration and idea generation, and I think I need to do a much better job in my composition classroom of helping students to think through what it means to create a meme, to reproduce, and what it means to remix, to make new. I loved playing a 5th grader, too. Your excitement, enthusiasm, and attitude are contagious, and I would love to be in your art classroom!

  6. I really enjoyed the videos….I believe the videos will help students remember the elements of art better than traditional methods. The i-pad app was interested as well. It will be a great means of using digital tools in the classroom.

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