Exhibit Response: Celestine & Sherry

Now that you’ve had the experience of working through Sherry & Celestine’s Exhibit, write a comment to this post which addresses the following three sentence stems:

  • As we worked on this project, I really liked/enjoyed/was engaged by . . .
  • I’m wondering/confused about/struggled with . . .
  • I think I can modify this exhibit/technology to work in my own teaching this way:
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4 thoughts on “Exhibit Response: Celestine & Sherry

  1. I really enjoyed this exhibit. I learned and gained a sense of comfort for Glogster. Great job ladies! I will be using this in my classroom in reading and in social studies. Also my students can create a glog for their Science Fair projects. WAY COOL!

  2. I really liked how you discussed how to do the steps by showing a glog. I also love the survey at the end. Great visual for the kids.

  3. I really enjoyed the exhibit. I had some difficulty with Glogster.com, but I will continue to play around with this digital tool. I think the usage of Survey Monkey is a great way of assessing students’ understanding. Great job, ladies!

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